Update on Current COVID-19 Situation in Leicester

On March 23rd, the government issued a national lock down and social distancing measures were put in place out of concern for public health and safety.  Pursuant to that Emergency Declaration,  Leicester Fashion Week’s May 2020 event has had to be postponed.

.All participants are invited to continue participation in any rescheduled event and/or the November shows, and more information will be sent out to those individual groups on how that will be handled with scheduling.  

While we are deeply saddened by the postponement, we are fully encouraged that the steps being take by the government are placing the safety of our participants above all other considerations. 

Upon our eventual return, you are be assured that we will continue to produce an amazing event under conditions that keep our staff, volunteers, participants, guests and loved ones safe and healthy.  

Thank you all for your understanding and your continued support!